How can Nationwide Accident Hire help me?

When you call Nationwide our friendly claims team will assess your claim and advise you whether or not you we are able to deal with it on a non-fault basis. If we can proceed with your claim we will provide you with an array of services to include:

  • Liaising with your insurer and the third party insurer
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Vehicle Repair

If my vehicle is not drivable and a total loss / write off?

When your vehicle has been deemed a total loss i.e. beyond economical repair and not repairable, we will assist you in obtaining an agreeable settlement cheque from the third party insurer. We will keep you in the replacement vehicle until you received and banked your settlement cheque from either your insurer or the at-fault insurer.

If my vehicle is not drivable and repairable?

When your vehicle is not drivable but is repairable, we will provide you with a vehicle from the outset of you registering a claim with us. There are then two routes available to you:

  • Register a claim with your insurer to enable them to instruct an engineer to inspect your vehicle and subsequently authorise repairs. We will monitor the repairs and upon completion will collect the replacement vehicle. When you collect your repaired vehicle you will need to pay for your insurance excess;OR
  • Alternatively we can deal with all elements of your claim, including instructing an engineer to inspect your vehicle and arranging for your vehicle to go to an Approved Repairer.

What if my vehicle is driveable and repairable?

When your vehicle is driveable and repairable, there are two routes available to you. You may have been advised of which option to take however here is a brief guideline of what will happen in each scenario.

Nationwide can deal with Hire only – we will liaise with you and the repairer for a booking-in date. Your insurance company will instruct their own engineer and authorise your repairs, which will be monitored by us. On the day that your vehicle is booked in for repair we will deliver your replacement vehicle to the repairer. You will need to pay for your excess when collecting your vehicle from the repairer.

Alternatively, we can deal with all elements of your claim – we will arrange for your vehicle to go to an approved repairer, instruct an engineer and provide a replacement vehicle until repairs have been completed.

How much does Nationwide's service cost?

Regardless of the level of motor insurance you possess, you are entitled to the service that Nationwide provides after a non-fault accident. We seek to recover any costs incurred as a result of your accident from the party accountable.

Does it affect my motor insurance?

Remember that the claim is against the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident, not against your insurance and therefore the claim will not affect your policy. If repairs are undertaken through your own insurance your no claims bonus will be affected until the claim is settled, at which point it may be reinstated.

What will happen to my car?

If your vehicle is not drivable we will arrange for delivery of a replacement vehicle to a convenient location. We will (or your insurer will) then arrange for your non drivable vehicle to be collected and taken to an Approved Repairer where it will be securely stored until repairs commence.

If your vehicle is drivable, we will (or your insurer will) liaise with our Approved Repairer network to locate a repairer close to you. We will (or your insurer will) then agree a mutually convenient repair date when you will be asked to take your vehicle to the agreed Repairer, where a replacement vehicle will be waiting for you.

We will liaise with the repairer throughout the repair process and will keep you updated. When your repairs are complete you will simply need to return the replacement vehicle to the repairers and collect your own vehicle. You must advise us when you are collecting your vehicle so that we may arrange collection of the replacement vehicle.

What replacement vehicle will I be provided with?

Traditionally, when claiming via your insurance policy after an accident, regardless of what vehicle is insured you will be provided with what is called a class ‘A’ courtesy vehicle i.e. a small 1.0 litre vehicle. However, when involved in a road traffic accident that is not your fault, subject to requirement qualification Nationwide will provide you with a suitable like-for-like replacement vehicle.

Nationwide coverage via our extensive vehicle network means that we can provide a fast and efficient vehicle replacement service comprising of mainstream cars, prestige marques, and commercial vehicles.