Nationwide Accident Hire deal with a vast number of motorists each year who have had accidents similar to yours. If you have been involved in an accident that you believe is not your fault, Nationwide Accident Hire can offer you a service whereby you are placed into a replacement vehicle similar to your own whilst your vehicle is repaired.

Vehicle Hire and Repair

If the accident that you have been involved in was not your fault, Nationwide Accident Hire can offer you a similar replacement vehicle to your own. This vehicle is hired to either for the period of repair or until such time that you have received a cheque to replace your vehicle should it not be repairable. The vehicle is hired to you on an extended credit basis which means that your liability for costs is redundant once we recover the hire cost from the party accountable.

To demonstrate our continuous commitment to our customers we remain members of an industry-wide agreement known as the ‘GTA’. This agreement is made between Nationwide Accident Hire and Insurers that have subscribed to the ABI (Association of British Insurers) protocol. This protocol lays down the conditions under which we can offer this extended credit service to you, the driver, and was designed to facilitate the claims process, making it easier for us to make claims directly on the third party Insurer as opposed to claiming through your own policy.

Similarly, either if you have a large policy excess, have no cover for repairs to your own vehicle or your Insurer cannot provide a convenient repair process, Nationwide Accident Hire will arrange repairs to your vehicle on an extended credit basis under the same protocol, ‘GTA’, as mentioned above*. We will also pursue recovery of any other losses you may have incurred.

*Subject to claims inclusions